Free Thetford Training Tees

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Would you like a free Thetford Training Tee-Shirt?

Thetford College is starting a training program for oil and gas workers.  This is directly aimed at ensuring Quebecers are qualified to work in the new oil and gas industry in Quebec.

Mario Levesque said when he started the Oil and Gas Services Association of Quebec (“OGSAQ”), he would fight to make sure Quebecers got their fair share from oil and gas development in Quebec.  As an experienced oil and gas worker he knows what’s needed.  One of those things is training for Quebecers so they can fill high tech and high paid jobs.

Before the moratorium it cost about $15 million to drill and frac each horizontal test well in Quebec.  These same wells cost less than $5 million in Pennsylvania and Western Canada.  Obviously our industry can’t make any money unless we reduce the cost of wells.  We need a local services industry to be successful.  So it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that Quebecers will get most of the benefits of oil and gas development.  Thetford College understands that and so does OGSAQ.

This exclusive agreement is a big step for our industry, Quebecers and Quebec.


Trivia question for you.   Email us at your answer to this question:  how much of the $15 million we spend per well in Quebec goes to the oil and gas services industry.  If you get it right to within $500,000 we will send you a free tee-shirt (supplies limited – one per address).