Quebecers Want Local

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The Montreal Economic Institute just released a poll asking Quebecers about oil.

Two to one Quebecers want to develop their local oil not imports.  A similar poll in June found that even higher numbers of Quebecers want to develop their own natural gas and to stop imports.

Outside of the urban areas where developments actually happen, Quebecers are three to one in favour of developing local verses importing.   Contrarians will say that Quebecers are don’t like fracking.  However, this is like saying a poll saying Quebecers like to fly to Florida is not valid because people don’t like airports.  Quebecers are well aware that modern oil and gas development uses modern techniques.  The most fair poll question is not one that singles out one aspect.  The most valid question is a holistic question that covers all aspects good and bad of local resource development.

It’s only common sense which is why everyday Quebecers have figured it out.   Importing oil and gas means exporting emissions, jobs, money and taxes.  Producing local means more high paying jobs, a stronger economy, and less emissions.  Quebecers have seen for themselves that Barack Obama, California and Norway have all been able to successfully combine economic growth and environmental protection.   Quebecers are no less capable.

You can read the poll for yourself at this link.