Canada Connects Quebec Mission – Extraordinary

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An Alberta trade mission to Quebec, organized by Alberta Enterprise Group, took place last week with close to 50 Alberta CEOs and senior executives visiting Quebec .

Questerre was an eager sponsor and worked tirelessly with its network of advisors (especially Andre Boisclair) and supporters in Quebec to ensure these CEOs connected to important Quebec business leaders.   The results were beyond my expectations and it was simply extraordinary.  A big thank you to our friends in Quebec.

Less than five of the close to 50 CEOs and senior executives were from oil and gas companies and only two of those had interests in the oilsands.   As any Albertan can tell you, Alberta is about one heck of a lot more than that.

It was pretty clear by the end why Alberta is already Quebec’s second largest trading partner after Ontario.  Even more obvious was the potential for it to be even bigger.

I might have even made more new contacts with Albertans on this trip than I did with Quebecers.  Who knew people from Edmonton were so nice?

Highlights of this trip for me were:

Connecting with senior business leaders from Alberta who share my passion for Canada and the importance of the Alberta and Quebec relationship;

Meeting so many Quebecers who feel the same way;

On the train trip between Montreal and Quebec showing everyone the lands over which Questerre has natural gas permits and hearing Albertans tell Quebecers “sure looks like oil and gas country to me”;

Le Devoir publishing a story about the trade mission making the accusation: “Michael Binnion is at it again”.

I am guilty of the charge and damned proud of it.