Recycled extremism threatens greater greenhouse gas emissions

The environmental activists pushed out a national shock and awe campaign this week to try overwhelm people with a silly assertion that natural gas isn’t as clean as coal. A well publicized report by “The Global Energy Monitor” had Canadian Press, CBC and the Globe and Mail trying to tell Canadians that the world’s climate […]

Please take yes for an answer

Yesterday, the Quebec Solidaire made a symbolic motion in the National Assembly supporting its policies to protect the environment from the impacts of fracking. Questerre has accepted, for some time the opposition of environmental non-governmental organizations and left-wing political parties like Quebec Solidaire, the Parti Quebecois and even more recently the Liberals. They have won. […]

Quebecers Want Local

The Montreal Economic Institute just released a poll asking Quebecers about oil. Two to one Quebecers want to develop their local oil not imports.  A similar poll in June found that even higher numbers of Quebecers want to develop their own natural gas and to stop imports. Outside of the urban areas where developments actually […]

You Broke it You Fix it

Cenovus Energy Ltd under its new leader Alex Pourbaix advanced an interesting idea that was not universally accepted.  It should have been.  No one would argue our energy industry is long on oil and gas supply these days, but some might say we are short on ideas about what to do about it. To solve […]

New Government in Quebec

I have had a few queries about my thoughts are on the Quebec election.  You may not have asked but here they are any way. First, it’s a convincing win for Premier elect Legault, with 38% of the popular vote in a competitive four way race.  This is not far off what the federal Liberals […]

A democratic breakdown

There may not be social acceptability for the exploitation of natural gas in Quebec. What we can be sure of, is the Government of Quebec did not meet its own standards for social acceptability by imposing a moratorium on any meaningful natural gas development in Quebec.  To be sure they have left a window open […]

Two kilometers is not about the water!

The issue recently in the press relating to the distance between oil and gas wells and water wells is about something.  But we can be sure it’s not about the water. The science on this is clear.  The comprehensive studies have been done by scientists,  in Quebec as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), […]

Maybe Canada’s greatest living speaker

Maybe Canada’s greatest living speaker     Greatest Canadian living speaker – that’s certainly what Troy Lanigan, the President of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation, calls the Honorable Stockwell Day.   He just spoke at the CEEA Midyear Update (Oilmen’s) and a sold-out room at the Petroleum Club was no evidence to the contrary.   For twenty-five […]

How Did We Go So Wrong on Carbon Taxes?

Let me preface by saying that the greenhouse effect is real.  Therefore, I am for sensible policies that reduce global emissions.   Sadly, carbon taxes aren’t a sensible policy if our goal is to reduce global emissions.   They cost too much and do too little.   So how did we go so wrong on carbon taxes? Carbon […]