Giant natural gas discovery with near-zero emissions Clean Gas for local demand
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The Lowlands are situated in Quebec, south of the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City. Building a circular economy on a significant discovery on Quebec Utica could result in the second lowest supply gas cost in North America.

Implementing a full cycle near zero-emissions, as seen below, with the growing support from the Frist Nations, local town, communities and farmers has Questerre on target for our energy transformation to near zero-emission Clean gas production.

Given the government’s decision to nationalize our giant discovery in the province, we are actively seeking the full value of this asset. With local stakeholder support including First Nation and farmers our near-zero footprint project is a strategic and economic value to the province. We believe it will help meet the climate goals for Clean gas development in Quebec.

Our project would integrate key elements including carbon recycling solutions, zero-emissions hydrogen production and Clean Gas which would have a significant impact for Quebec. With this discovery there is potential to meet 50% (1.5Bcf/d) of Germany’s natural gas import from Russia.