Where Producers and Consumers Meet

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Would it surprise you that there is only one oil and gas conference in the country that covers the entire value chain ‘from well head to burner tip’?  There are a lot of energy conferences, but all too often they end up being industry talking to itself.   

The Quebec Oil and Gas Association conference is over twenty years old.  However, protesters illuminated the need for the conference to expand its audience.  They showed us we needed to talk directly to our customers about the benefits of our industry.  We talk about our impacts too, even though our critics already do this so well.

On November 9th our energy conference, for the third year in a row, will host conversations about Quebec’s energy supply needs and challenges for consumers.  The conference will include discussions about Quebec’s hydrocarbon import problem and the significant benefits of reliable and affordable energy to society.  It is the only oil and gas conference that has a consumer focus.   

Producers talking with consumers about energy issues; consumers talking with producers about energy issues. What a novel idea!  Services, drillers, transporters, distributors, and refiners are there too, making this truly a ‘well head to burner tip’ conference.

This year will be another big step up.  In addition to Pierre Arcand the Minister of Natural Resources, just look who is going to be there! (Click here for the full program)

The Conseil Patronat, the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business will moderate key panels important to both the economy and business consumers.  They are capped off by a key note speech from the Manufacturers and Exporters on energy supply challenges for Quebec’s industry.

Gaz Metro, Valero and Stolt LNG will talk about the access to energy challenges for Quebec.

The Canadian Energy Research Institute and the University of Montreal business school will examine the economic benefits and challenges of creating local oil and gas to address the Quebec hydrocarbon import problem.

National Communications, Transfert Environmental and Josh Garrett with Equitable Origin will consider the ongoing challenges of demonstrating the benefits of our industry to society and communities.

We will also have Baker Hughes, the Canadian Association of Drilling Contractors, and Questor updating us about technology advances in services, drilling, and environment.

About 25 members of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association will be there to represent, along with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers oil and gas producers.

We will also have the local investment community to complete the value chain, as they are needed even before the well is spud.

The finale will be a frank panel style interview of two of the top oil and gas regulators in the world.  The President of the Alberta Energy Regulator, Jim Ellis, and recently retired Director of Hydrocarbons for the Norway, Bjarne Moe, will be grilled by on what is right and wrong  with regulatory oversight of oil and gas.

Hope you don’t miss it! Click here for the registration form