What’s in it for opponents?

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I was bemused to see my suspicions confirmed in writing that the giant Russian natural gas producer, Gazprom [see Poland ahead of itself], would prove to be a major opponent to natural gas from shale. The President of Gazprom is recently quoted in the mainstream press about production of natural gas from shale and its effects on North American housewives. It is reassuring to think the first thing in the morning that the President of Gazprom thinks about is North American housewives’ and the environment.  [ Alexander Medvedev, Director-General of Gazprom Export, interview with the Daily Telegraph, 12 February 2010 ].   It gives credibility to rumors that Gazprom is so concerned they are even funding environmental groups protesting shale gas.

Wo un instant.  Gazprom and Russia are not well known for leading environmental practices.  Does Gazprom have another agenda?  Is it possible that Gazprom doesn’t actually care about ‘our land’ as their artistic allies from Montreal say they do?

Perhaps the President of Gazprom is actually more worried about Russian gas losing market share.   This must be disappointing since only recently Gazprom hoped to increase their markets by importing Russian natural gas through an LNG terminal in the city of Levis, Quebec.

A healthy energy menu means having and making choices among many alternatives.   Because we share more than just our environment, natural gas from shale seems healthier than natural gas from Russia in many ways.   Gazprom must be disappointed that Quebec consumers made the choice to use affordable natural gas from shale in Western Canada.

Isn’t it interesting, at least I find it interesting, that Gazprom in Russia, Coal in America, Nuclear in France are all allied with environmental protestors.  What common interest makes for these strange bedfellows?

If you want to know what’s in it for Questerre, Quebec taxpayers, Quebec farmers, Quebec small towns, Quebec consumers and Quebec’s fiscal situation to produce shale gas in Quebec we have been transparent about what’s in it for us at questerrestage.wpengine.com