The simple case for shale gas

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Should Quebec continue to import 46 percent of its energy needs?

Quebec is a resource-rich nation and has the expertise and the culture to develop its resources in line with sustainable development principles.

Quebec is already one of Canada’s largest consumers of natural gas. Natural gas is up to 1,000 times cleaner than oil for smog and acid rain. It also has less CO2.  It is a step forward for air quality.

The Utica shale is easy to develop and impurities in the gas and in the frac water are so small they do not require special processing. This purity has been proven by independent testing.

No industry is without cost or risk. Other places in North America have demonstrated development of shale gas can be done safely. With tens of thousands of wells drilled and very few problems, this is proven technology.

Quebec will benefit from the jobs and taxes that will reduce debt for future generations. Natural gas development will especially help family farms and small towns.

Quebec is sitting on top of yet another world class resource in the Utica shale. It was discovered by entrepreneurs who worked many years to do the job Quebec asked them to do.

Quebecers are more than capable. They can decide how to best develop this resource to increase their energy independence.