The five C’s of journalists

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Questerre reviewed all of the 201 briefs submitted to the BAPE.

What is amazing is there were 61 briefs in favor of Utica natural gas exploration. Industry and chambers of commerce account for fewer than 20 of those. So there were more than 40 BAPE briefs that came out voluntarily in favor of development of Utica natural gas as long as it is monitored and carried out to good standards. They include briefs from groups I did not know supported us: groups with environmental mandates, municipalities, MRCs and citizens who have had respectful interactions with industry on their land.

By our count there are only 88 against Utica natural gas development which is remarkably less than 50%.

In addition:

-28 would like more information before development is allowed to proceed. This is not out of line with the position of industry who also wants more technical information before commercial development proceeds.

-21 more are neutral and made different comments about the industry that should be taken in to consideration before development proceeds.

-3 were incomplete or could not be understood.

That’s not the message that came out in the media yesterday. In fact, what is in the media is that with the exception of industry groups and chambers of commerce, all the BAPE briefs are in favor of a moratorium. That’s simply wrong.

The untold story is how many experts testified at the BAPE on how over 35,000 shale gas wells have been drilled in North America safely with very few (but very well publicized) problems. The evidence presented against shale gas seems to be mostly myths repeated from YouTube videos and US political groups.

It reminds me of the five C’s of journalists which are: Confusion, Controversy, Conflict and Chaos.

Oh, and don’t forget, “They can’t Count!”