The Fifth Annual QOGA Conference

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People are always asking me what’s going on with oil and gas in Quebec with the clear expectation that the answer is probably not much.

Surprisingly quite a lot is happening in Quebec. The response to our annual conference from industry insiders is testament to that. We have a stronger line up of speakers than ever and attendee registration is a testament to that.

The Government and all opposition parties are in favor of pursuing oil projects and it’s probably not a coincidence that our conference speakers bring an interest in and will be hitting on all aspects of local hydrocarbon development.

We will have experts talking about the Alberta model and the Norwegian model. These are clearly the two best regulatory jurisdictions in the world. These are cannot miss sessions for anyone interested in what the Quebec model should look like.

We have technical experts talking about the two hottest plays in Quebec. The Utica on Anticosti Island and Old Harry. Even I will be keen on learning the latest on what all the excitement is about.

We will also have the President of the world’s leader in oil and gas technology as a key note speaker. I expect we will see a dramatic presentation of one of their new technologies which alone will be worth the price of admission.

For the first time we will also hear from service companies who will be part of the conference this year. These are the people who actually work in the field and operate the equipment. They know first hand what the local benefits and impacts are. Come and ask them.

We will have two high profile Government representatives that have been invited.

Finally a large operator of pipelines in Quebec will also be speaking which can’t help but be interesting in the current milieu.

Interestingly, local companies have completed financings and stock prices are volatile so the market has figured out something might be up too.

So if you really want to know what’s up with oil and gas in Quebec, come to our annual conference. You can register here or contact QOGA at 1-877-461-1205 or at