The 100 mile energy diet

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Environmentalists have explained that the 100 mile diet of local eating can create global change. They say It could change the world.  This is a diet based on only eating foods that have been grown locally.

Among the advantages of the 100 mile diet are:

  1. you know and can trust how it was produced
  2. it gives to the local economy
  3. it supports small family farms
  4. it uses less energy and is better for the environment

It occurs to me these are also the advantages to a 100 mile energy diet.

Quebec is a leader in environmental practices.  Producing energy locally ensures that it is produced according to the standards, Quebec is known for being a leader in.  Consumers will be confident that the energy they use is produced in accordance with these high standards because they will know and be able to trust how it is produced.

Producing energy locally contributes to the local economy.  Consumers can be proud to know that their energy dollar is going towards the salaries of Quebecers who work to produce the energy they use.  They can also be sure that their tax dollars are going towards public services like hospitals and schools in Quebec.

A local oil and gas industry will help small family farms.  The access fees and rentals paid to farmers are more profitable than farming.  There are many farmers all over North America who have been able to keep their family farm only because of supplemental income from oil and gas companies.

In the case of natural gas there are specific environmental advantages to producing it in Quebec according to the high standards controlled by Quebec.  For example, compared to other regions, Quebec could require more recycling of water and higher standards for treatment of water.  Also Quebec could ensure that less energy is used and fewer emissions are created from transportation and processing of natural gas.

An added advantage to the 100 mile energy diet is autonomy. The spirit of the coureur de bois is based on strength and autonomy.  A healthy menu of energy choices strengthen’s the economy and helps regain this spirit.

Taking leadership over production of local resources is the responsible thing to do because we all share the environment.  Instead of importing almost 50% of its energy Quebec could go on the 100 mile energy diet.

Please go to for more benefits of the 100 mile energy diet