Questerre and ZEG Power sign letter of intent for blue hydrogen

Michael Binnion, President and Chief Executive Officer of Questerre, commented, “We believe hydrogen will become a cornerstone of the emerging circular economy. As we move from near zero emissions responsible production of natural gas to the idea of zero emissions consumption, the technologies to capture the carbon emissions are essential. ZEG Power has designed a […]

Quebecers Want Local

The Montreal Economic Institute just released a poll asking Quebecers about oil. Two to one Quebecers want to develop their local oil not imports.  A similar poll in June found that even higher numbers of Quebecers want to develop their own natural gas and to stop imports. Outside of the urban areas where developments actually […]

A democratic breakdown

There may not be social acceptability for the exploitation of natural gas in Quebec. What we can be sure of, is the Government of Quebec did not meet its own standards for social acceptability by imposing a moratorium on any meaningful natural gas development in Quebec.  To be sure they have left a window open […]