Dallas in Quebec?

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They recently announced the debut of the New Dallas, a remake of the iconic tv show launched in 1978. I imagine there are many Quebecers who remember having dinner Friday night with their family and then perhaps while mom washed the dishes, they watched Dallas.

Who didn’t love to hate JR Ewing, the quintessential Texas oil man in cowboy boots and a Stetson. I imagine Quebecers remember his long suffering wife Sue Ellen who despite so many affronts stayed the faithful wife almost to the end. He was willing to betray his own brother Bobbi Ewing for a deal and to stay in charge of his beloved Ewing Oil.

JR being shot made television history. There were so many suspects and it was the story of the summer while we waited to find out who did it.

In the heart of oil and gas country in Alberta we loved Dallas too. It was great TV. In Alberta we noticed all the characters. JR Ewing’s mother and father founded Ewing Oil and were strong people of high moral character. Sue Ellen was honest and loyal. Bobbi and Pam Ewing were the family’s social conscience.

There was really only one evil main character on Dallas amongst a sea of honest caring people.

That’s what I saw around me this week among the 200 people at the Quebec Oil and Gas Association. It’s also what I see around me every day in the oil and gas community in Calgary. A sea of honest, hard working people who care about their community, clean water, clean air and their children’s future. Like everywhere, there are JR types, but just like on Dallas, they are the exception.

So why do people in Quebec assume that all CEO’s of oil companies are like JR. Why do people in Quebec keep asking me if I would live near a natural gas well? I live in Calgary and it’s surrounded by gas wells.

What if I told you that I searched for natural gas in Quebec because my beliefs are that a strong Canada requires a strong Quebec. What if I told you that I believed transferring capital and technology to Quebec is better for Quebec, Alberta and Canada than transferring payments? What if I told you I believed natural gas can improve our environment at the same time as saving people money, creating jobs and increasing tax revenues for social programs.

And what if I told you that I think its fair for my shareholders to share in the benefits if we are successful in such a great endeavor. After all even Bobbi Ewing wanted Ewing Oil to be successful and even I didn’t like JR.