Back to the Future in Quebec

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The annual Quebec Oil and Gas Conference will open in Montreal with a cocktail at 5pm, Sunday October 29th.  Our theme is how a new kind of oil and gas company is how we will get back to the future for oil & gas in Quebec.
In early 2011 telling someone in Quebec that frac’ing would be good for society was like telling someone at a Norwegian cocktail party that you thought George Bush was a good President.  There are some things you just don’t say in polite company.
Yet here we are in 2017 with a new set of regulations that followed the new law in late 2016 that followed the new energy policy in early 2016.  The new Quebec energy policy is aimed at attaining the Paris targets for climate change.   It recognizes that reliance on foreign hydrocarbons is a main impediment.
Good climate policy does not increase energy poverty or create carbon leakage.   That’s something you can say in polite company in both Norway and Quebec. The new regulations are a step towards local oil and gas replacing imports.  This will reduce energy poverty and carbon leakage both.
This year’s conference will focus on what the new policy, law and regulations mean for getting back to the future of oil and gas in Quebec.   What will it take to achieve acceptance in local communities and what are the benefits.  We will also talk about Quebec Clean Gas and a future of zero emissions natural gas production.
We have an excellent group coming this year.  SNC Lavelin, Schlumberger, GE, Baker Hughes, Precision Drilling and others are coming specifically to explore the future for Quebec Clean Gas.
We have expanded our investor section greatly this year and confirmed presenters are Tourmaline, Birchcliffe, Painted Pony, Precision Drilling, High Arctic as well as local companies such as Questerre.  The leaders of these companies all support the Quebec – Alberta dialogue and what it means for the future of Canada.  They are also among the most progressive companies in Alberta leading the way to creating a new approach to oil & gas.  Industrial Alliance is hosting the investor symposium this year.
As always there will be a great line up of speakers including Minister Arcand, to talk to the issues.  Please go to our web site for details and the itinerary.  Our conference is the only oil and gas conference in Canada where producers and consumers meet.  For years now it has been at the leading edge of discussion on where the oil and gas industry needs to go and how to create a new kind of oil and gas company.  That future is closer now than ever and I hope you will want to be part of it.
We are very grateful for our sponsors who have supported us for years allowing to keep the future alive for our industry in Quebec.  I know Questerre will remember their support in future as I am sure all members of the Quebec Oil & Gas Association will.
I look forward to seeing you at the opening cocktail where I promise the conversation will be polite.